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Meet The Artist

Hello! My name is Meg Field and I am responsible for all the art pieces on this website. Painting is my absolute passion and I've been doing it now for a good six years, enjoying every moment spent on each piece.

My medium is acrylic paint and I focus mainly on using solid colour, resulting in paintings that are bold and vivid. I paint with precision to ensure that an element of realism is portrayed.


Artworks Painted




Years Experience

My Inspiration

I've covered a number of genres that reflect different aspects of my personality. I adore nature and in fact, have an MSc in Ecology therefore it follows that I would incorporate paintings inspired by nature. I have a fascination with technology and artificial intelligence hence the futuristic paintings I have done. It also should be noted that I am an avid DOTA 2 gamer therefore of course, you will find a number of DOTA 2 hero paintings.